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Desperate Measures

Synopsis: A failing business and a decaying relationship have driven Ervin to desperation. He'll do anything to escape the circumstances that have been thrust upon him. Author's Note: This story was my…

The River That Never Was

Synopsis: A woman running from her pursuers finds refuge in a place she least expected, where she meets someone who helps her exorcise the ghosts of her past Author's Note: This…

The Scoundrel’s Choice

Author's Note: This story was submitted to PenBound's short story contest in June 2017. It is my attempt at marrying the historical fiction & spy/thriller genre. The sun hadn’t even…

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After getting hired as an automobile engineer and six years of driving prototype cars around test tracks, I finally quit my job to become a writer.

My debut novel, The Tellurian Threat, is the first book in a sci-fi trilogy (The Tellurian Archives). It follows Kyle & Rohan as they scramble to discover and save the subterranean city of Waylain from an unforeseen disaster that threatens to destroy a million lives.

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