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The Scoundrel’s Choice

Author's Note: This story was submitted to PenBound's short story contest in June 2017. It is my attempt at marrying the historical fiction & spy/thriller genre. The sun hadn’t even…

Etched In Stone

Virgil jumped off his horse cart in front of the door with heavy metal bands and the blue glass lamp. The cold breeze made his coat flap. He rubbed his…

Ghost Of Christmas Past

Author's Note: This story was part of Short Fiction Break's Winter Writing Contest, 2016. You can read the original here. The aroma of fresh baked cinnamon buns wafted through as…

About The Author

After getting hired as an automobile engineer and six years of driving prototype cars around test tracks, I finally quit my job to become a writer.

My debut novel, The Tellurian Threat, is the first book in a sci-fi trilogy (The Tellurian Archives). It follows Kyle & Rohan as they scramble to discover and save the subterranean city of Waylain from an unforeseen disaster that threatens to destroy a million lives.

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